The Blessings of Imperfection

A 5 Day Email Course (free)

For years Christians have had the false belief that we are to appear perfect.  This course addresses that false belief, helping believers to drop the perfect image mask and understand that the power of God is exhibited through our flaws and imperfections.  This course is about learning to embrace your imperfect self so that you can walk in your purpose and calling.  

Below is a brief description of each day of the course. 

Day 1

The Perfect Image Trap
The Perfect Image Trap is when you believe you're to look like you have it all together, all the time.  We take a look at primary reasons believers become stuck in a Perfect Image Trap.  The Perfect Image Trap keeps you from living your fullest life in Christ.


Day 2

The Good News About Being Imperfect
When we believe that we are to appear perfect, we miss out on how our weaknesses and imperfections are actually blessings in disguise.  On this day, we review some of those blessings. 


Day 3

When You Embrace Your Imperfect Self, You Embrace Grace
When we wear a mask to appear perfect, we tend to be hyper critical of ourselves (and others).  But God gives us grace and expects us to offer grace to ourselves.  We can only offer genuine grace to others when we learn to offer it to ourselves.


Day 4                          When You Embrace Your Imperfect Self, You Embrace        
Jesus is the source of spiritual abundance, but we can block
                                  his abundance and replace it with stress and anxiety.  Trying     
                                  to appear perfect strips of us the abundance Christ offers.  



Day 5                         When You Embrace Your Imperfect Self, You Embrace Freedom
On this last day of the course, we talk about five powerful truths                                           about freedom that will help you live out your fullest life in Christ.



                                          OTHER INFO ABOUT THE COURSE

Scripture is used throughout the course.   

There is no homework, except to pray and ask God how he is speaking to you.  Journaling your thoughts may be helpful.  At the end of each day, there are questions to stir your thoughts.