UPDATE: Human Trafficking Workshop

Remember the human trafficking workshop I mentioned in my post, Painting for God's Girls?  It was held last month.

Pastor Paula and Sandra of Forgotten Children, Inc. did the workshop.  It was educational  but also training for volunteering for their organization.

I started reading a couple of good books on the subject prior to the workshop and much of what was shared I had been learning through the books and articles I found online.  Hearing the stories and what it's like to interact with the girls was the most informative.  Sandra coordinates the street ministry teams who go out on the street to pray with and minister to the girls.  And these are not the streets of Beverly Hills.

At one point, one woman had a question and asked "Can I bring my Rotweiller if I do the street ministry?" 

She was serious.

Pastor Paula, who is rather straightforward said, "If you feel that way it would be better for you to serve on the prayer team." 

I'm a little nervous stepping into something unfamiliar and new too, but we have to remember when God calls us to something, it's usually something bigger than ourselves and we will have fear.  We have to trust God, have faith and step out even in our fear.  Fear will then take a back seat and faith will take over.

When God gives you a desire to reach out to people, love and compassion for the people will supersede fear.  That's how you can know God has called you into something.  Love and compassion will be stronger than the fear.

When I first served in a homeless outreach years ago, I was extremely nervous.  I had never served in or with a church group, and this ministry I'd be the only female serving.  But I knew God had me there and the first several times I was nervous.  Eventually the fear went away.  (This was the ministry I met my husband in by the way.)

A good thing happening is that there is a growing movement in helping victims of human trafficking.  There's still a long way to go, but because of this law enforcement is slowly learning and growing in their understanding that these girls are victims rather than seeing them as criminals. 

Of course Christ sees them through spiritual eyes, His creations and he wants nothing more than for them to be loved and helped and shepherded by the Body of Christ.

I haven't done it yet, but I think I'm going to volunteer by being involved in the street ministry, but can only do it once a month.   I also want to volunteer in other ways, and there are some things I believe God is working out and I'll share when the time is right.  Scot is encouraging and supporting me in this and I'm thankful.