Twenty Years Ago Today...

...I almost met Scot for the first time, face to face.  I know that because also twenty years ago today OJ Simpson was on the run from the police in that infamous white Ford Bronco.    

I had called Scot a couple of weeks prior to inquire about a homeless outreach ministry.  His name was in the church worship folder as the contact person.  Our first phone call, he told me about the outreach ministry, and then we proceeded to talk another two hours.  He invited me to also come to a different ministry at a local homeless shelter.  He and several others would be doing a church service at the shelter, giving a message and singing old fashioned hymns from hymn books. 

I agreed to meet him in our church parking lot and go along.  I was nervous because it was my first time ever doing any type of church ministry.  Plus I didn't really know him, other than talking on the phone, nor any of the others. 

On my drive to the church I heard on the radio that OJ Simpson was running from the police on the freeway.  I sat in the church parking lot waiting for Scot and continued listening to the OJ Simpson chase.

As I waited I got more nervous thinking about standing in front of people singing hymns (we'd be on a stage looking out towards the people...yikes).  Listening to the OJ Simpson car chase was sounding like a better option. (I know, instead of praying for God to help me with my nervousness, I'm all into the OJ chase...ugh!)

I waited an extra ten minutes and still no Scot so I left.  I was actually relieved he was late so I had an excuse.  As I was leaving I saw a white truck (no, not a Ford Bronco) from a distance turning into the church lot.  But I didn't turn back to see if that was him. 

I ended up at Best Buy watching the chase along with a bunch of other people gathered around the televisions. 

It turns out that was Scot in the white truck.  I didn't meet Scot face to face until 2-3 weeks later when I went to serve at the homeless outreach I'd originally called about.  (I also ended up doing the other one, where we sang hymns.  It was an awesome ministry by the way.)

So it's been twenty years since that day.  Anyway, it's so funny how certain events can mark other events in our lives.  I know I'd never have recalled "the day I almost met Scot" if it weren't for that OJ chase.  Crazy!