Super Bowl Commercials--What's the Big Deal?

February 2, 2013

What's so great about Super Bowl commercials?  Everyone raves over them and anticipates the commercials almost as much as the game.  I don't get it.

A few years back, The Husband and I went to a Super Bowl gathering.  I'd have preferred to stay home and watch my favorite movie for the 20-something time, Pride and Prejudice but went to be social.   One man couldn't stop talking about how he couldn't wait to check out the commercials.  I rolled my eyes, on the inside.  Maybe he just didn't know what else to say.  I mean, come on...the commercials?

At the time, I had recently come off of a five year television fast and hadn't seen too many tv commercials, anyway.  Because of the fast, all we could get on tv at home was fuzz.  No, we didn't go on the fast for religious reasons.  One day I came home, turned on the tv and there was white fuzz.  It turns out I forgot to pay the cable bill.  Oops.  That night The Husband and I talked about how we didn't miss tv and decided to pay the bill, but not have the cable reconnected.  He said he'd been watching too many LA Lakers and/or Clippers games  and I talked about how I was watching too much tv too.   We'd take a break from the fast when we'd go on vacation, though, and watch tv at the hotel.  But even then we usually muted the commercials, and still prefer to do that today.  I have nothing against commercials, but to me they're just noise.    

At this Super Bowl gathering, I kept waiting to see a great Super Bowl commercial.  We would all stop and watch to see if this would be a good one.   The only excitement came when someone recognized a friend of his in a Taco Bell commercial (I think it was Taco Bell, I can't remember exactly).  Outside of him knowing the guy, there was nothing great about the commercial itself, nor any of the other commercials. 

I heard that advertisers now pay up to $4 million dollars to get commercial time during the Super Bowl.  ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.  Isn't the purpose of advertising to draw consumers to your product, and therefore, make the company more money?  Well, isn't paying $4 million dollars to advertise defeating the purpose?  Maybe not if it's a multi-billion dollar company.

This week they've been showing snippets of some of the upcoming Super Bowl commercials  On one there's a famous model (I don't know who she is) in a Mercedes commercial.  Is anyone really going to buy a Mercedes because she's in the commercial?  Okay, if she was advertising hair or skin products, maybe.  But a car?  I don't think so.  Are these $4 million commercials going to bring in that many new consumers?  Is it really worth it?  To me, no.  To the advertiser, I guess so, just to say that they got Super Bowl air time.    

I can already predict some of the commercials we'll see this year.  (I say we, because yes, I may be sitting right there watching.)  Go Daddy (a website hosting and domain company) will have a super sexy woman, probably wearing a low cut top,  doing something stupid that has nothing to do with website domains.  Pepsi will probably have a new commercial with Beyonce since she is the new Pepsi representative.  And I wonder if there will be one with that Darth Vader kid and the car?  I guess if you're into Star Wars (I'm not) you'll like that.   Except that kid is several years older now.

Lately I've been watching commercials because our son likes them.  I still see them as a time to mute the tv and enjoy a few minutes of silence.  But who am I kidding?  When you have a five year old, that is rare anyway.   

I don't think the Super Bowl commercials are any better than the other commercials throughout the year.  I can certainly think of a lot more to do with $4 million dollars than to pay for a sometimes cheezy Super Bowl commercial. 

I think the best thing about the Super Bowl Commercials is to mute them, take that time to chat with friends and refresh your plate.  Oh, and take a bathroom break.

Enjoy the game, food, friends and (rolling my eyes)...the $4 million dollar commercials.


Everyday LifeLisa Butwell