Something Has Happened To Me

Last year when D came home with a book called The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby my response (to my husband) was:  "Why would you let him buy that book?!" 

The book is a derivative of The Adventures of Captain Underpants, written primarily for elementary age boys because it's got super heros, villains and words like poop and fart and it's illustrated and written in comic-book style.

I could never have seen myself letting D buy that book.  But fast forward to the present...I bought him a three book series of The Adventures of Captain Underpants.  Yep, I did (after ripping my husband for buying Super Diaper Baby...sigh). I bought books that have villains with names like Dr. Diaper, Professor Poopypants and has words like fake doo doo.

Indeed, something has happened to me.

And that's not all...

The other night when D chose a book for bedtime reading he chose one of the Captain Underpants books.  Normally I would've told him to choose something else, but I said "Ok, we can read one chapter from Captain Underpants and then a chapter from your devotional."   (Scot wasn't home. Normally when D chooses that book Scot has no problem with it.)

We took turns reading and here I was reading sentences (out loud) like, "...fake doo doo" and I didn't even flinch. 

And the strangest part?  It was fun, funny and a page turner.  So here we were, my son and I, bonding through The Adventures of Captain Underpants.  At one point I could feel D looking at me while I enthusiastically read the words "fake doo doo." I'm surprised he didn't pinch me to make sure this wasn't a dream...ha!

I'm not sure there's much you can do to stop a boy from liking potty humor.  I think it was a couple of summers ago that D came home from the park complaining that one of his friends kept singing "We will - we will - fart you" (to the tune of We Will Rock You by Queen).   Of course a couple of days later, D was singing it and I was constantly telling him to stop.  (When I stopped making a big deal of it, he stopped singing it.)

 So, yes, something has happened to me.

I'm not saying I'm a convert to bathroom humor, but I have accepted that boys think words like poop and fart are funny and within reason, it's okay...oh, and that the Captain Underpants series are pretty funny!

I still would prefer that Captain Underpants not be a book he read before bedtime even though the last book we read before D hits the pillow is from his devotional or Bible.  Sleep time is precious and I think the last thing in your mind before falling asleep should be something peaceful.  (Although I'm sure D would say that Captain Underpants is peaceful to him.)

Lisa Butwell