Remembering Betty

June 14, 2013

I wrote about Betty in my post The Impact of an Imperfect Christian Woman.

A couple of weeks ago, I found out she passed away.

I immediately thought of how I'd been saying for years I wanted to send her a thank you card and find a teapot charm for a necklace to send her. 

I never did.

I hadn't been in touch with her for years.   Life moved us apart.   I got married.   She and her husband moved to a new town, two hours away. 

But as my previous blog post implies, I never forgot her.  When someone important touches your life, they leave a part of themselves with you forever. 

I wasn't sad that Betty had passed away.  I knew she had lived a long fulfilled life, and she was now in the presence of our Lord.    The card and necklace I wanted to send was to let her know how important she had been to me.  The sadness I felt was because I didn't let her know how important she had been to me. 

It's seldom that people who give of themselves know the depth of their service.  

Two visual memories of her stand out:  1) Betty bringing a beautiful, warm teapot to the table while I and the other women sat at her dining table, and 2) She and I having breakfast at Ruby's Diner located on the beach.

Every time I met with her, I learned something.  Mostly to simply be myself, and let God be the one truly leading my life, not others.  And it wasn't because she would say those words, but it's because of who she was, how she was.  Accepting, never condemning.  Guiding, not preaching.    Authentic, without the perfect image.  A quiet spirit, never having to prove herself.  Wise, speaking important truth when necessary.   Listening, never feeling she had to have the spotlight.    

Thank you, Betty.  I'm so grateful to have known you.