Quieting your Voice To Hear God's

September 22, 2012

Take the time to hear His voice.
He speaks to us all the time.

A woman told me that she's tried to hear God's voice but can't.
She shows me what that looks like. 
She sits, closes her eyes and strains her ears. 
She looks constipated.  And to some degree she is, spiritually.
"Ok God I'm listening" she says.  Still nothing.
She gets frustrated.

Even in her attempt to hear Him her own mind is still churning, hoping to "produce" something.
We can not produce God's voice.  It's already there.

She attends Bible studies regularly.  Reads the Scriptures all the time.
And that is well and good.  But to do that and miss out on His voice, what a shame.
God's Word is His voice, you say, and yes that is true. 
But God's voice is more than reading the Words in the Bible.
God has a voice.  A real voice and it is within us. 

God's Spirit lives within us and there lies His voice. 
If we can't hear His Spirit we miss out. 

To hear God's voice, your own inner noise must cease.
If you haven't learned to quiet your own noise, it's one of the most important things you can do.
It's when your own noise ceases that you begin to hear God.

Take the time to listen to God's voice by first learning to quiet your own.

Spiritual GrowthLisa Butwell