Out in the Wilderness

Yesterday we were out in the wilderness...Wilderness Park that is, only ten minutes away.  So we weren't actually out in the wilderness, but being there makes you feel that way, sort of, until you look in between the trees and see apartments and the beautiful ocean about a mile away.  Being there reminded me of the importance of enjoying the small things: Scot, feeding three week old ducks from his hands (to me that's not such a small thing), a mommy duck and her one week old ducklings, turtles in an algae filled pond, D crossing a creek on a log and running up and down hills, me amazed at a small patch of green grass in the midst of brown dry bark and me climbing and sitting on a log.  If everyday could be like this: relaxing, peaceful and fun. Thank you God for the small things in life (that really aren't so small).