D got new paints in his Easter basket so last week we tried out all the new colors and here are our creations.

I'm definitely not an artist in the form of painting or drawing, but it was fun and relaxing.  And it was a reminder that our Creator has put creativity in all of us. 

I talked to my niece the other day.  She's an amazing artist, but she said she hadn't drawn in a long time because being a perfectionist it tended to irritate her more than love it.

I understand that.  Perfectionistic thinking will kill our desire to create.  When I first started making jewelry I was that way.  Rather than enjoy what I created, I'd end up frustrated.

Yesterday, sitting with D while he and I painted and talked about what we were creating, there was no perfection.  No frustration.  Well, just tad bit when D would put his brush in a different color without rinsing off his brush, but I let that go too. He was creating new colors.

Whether it's cooking, baking, painting, drawing, making jewelry, writing, taking pictures, or whatever it is you create, enjoy the creating process.