Only Broccoli

The other day we all went out to dinner.  When we got home D wanted a snack (cookies or chips).  He had already had a cookie and chips earlier, and he was just getting over stomach issues a couple of days prior. I didn't want any stomach problems that night (i.e. throwing up).    Sometimes he can break me down and I change my mind, but not this time. 

D:    Mom, I want a snack.  Can I have a cookie?

Me:  You've already had enough snacks and you just ate dinner.

D:    I'm still hungry.  How about some chips?

Me:  I said you've already had enough snacks.

D:    Mom, I'm still huuungry

Me:  silence (deciding not to get entagled in a never ending back & forth)

D:    Mom...Mom.....Mommm?

Me:   silence

D:     I'm still...

Me: know what?  You can have a snack!  How about some broccoli? (I really wasn't being facetious...he hadn't had a green veggie at all that day.  And if he's really hungry...?)

D:    Ok, how about broccoli and some chips?

Me:  Your choice is broccoli.

D:    Mom, I said I'll eat the broccoli but broccoli with something else.

Me:  Broccoli or nothing.

D:    How about broccoli and...

Me:  Broccoli only.

D:   (after a few minutes, realizing I wasn't going to change my mind) OK, I'll just have broccoli.  But can you make it on the stove?

(I prefer making broccoli in the oven with a little olive oil and sea salt and it's sooo good that way.  D doesn't like it because sometimes it gets a little brown on the edges.)

Me:  Ok, broccoli it is.

He ate it all and even asked for more :).  

Lisa Butwell