A woman named Mandy was being interviewed on a podcast (  She, along with her business partner, started a company creating care packages just for moms.  The company is called Happy Mommy Box

I love hearing stories about people bringing their ideas into fruition.  Happy Mommy Box is a  subscription business that sends a Happy Mommy Box to moms every month.  I was taken by how well the company took off in such a short amount of time.  It's in such demand that they have a huge waiting list.

This is where Scot got the idea for my Mother's Day gift.  He said hearing about Happy Mommy Box  "made me realize moms are seldom appreciated for all they do as moms, and they probably feel overwhelmed with all the tasks and care involved in being a mom."    So he thought putting together his own Happy Mommy Box for mother's day would be a good idea, focusing on things I may enjoy but don't have time to anymore (read a magazine, book, etc.). 

I looked online and there are many subscription boxes/care packages out there, but most are geared for children.  After you subscribe, once a month a box comes in the mail.  It's filled with crafts to do with your kids.  It contains everything you need to make the crafts.  But Happy Mommy Box is for mom.

When I told Scot about the company and the great idea, I was sharing it because I thought it was a clever business idea.  I didn't know he was translating it into an idea for mother's day.  So glad he did.

I can see why Happy Mommy Box has taken off.  There's something refreshing about getting several items in a box just for you.  Something that focuses on you as a woman not only as a mom.