It was a beautiful navy blue box with white decorative trim, sitting on the ottoman waiting for me to open.  Not a jewelry box.  Much larger than that.  It was the type of boxes I see at stores and like to buy.  They're empty  but they are pretty, waiting to be filled with whatever you want to put in them.

Before his usual early morning routine--getting up early to go out and have a little QT (quiet time) with himself and God--Scot kissed me goodbye, wished me Happy Mother's Day, and said he couldn't wait to give me my present. 

I smiled and kissed him goodbye after taking a couple of guesses at what it could be.  "No" and "no" he said and went smiling out the door.   I didn't get excited because I didn't want to be disappointed. 

The box hadn't yet been placed on the ottoman.  But later Scot got D and I saw them with a bag that embraced something in the shape of a box.   A foot massager, I thought.  Please no, we already had one and gave it away.   Whatever it was I wanted to try to be happy and smile and not show a look of disappointment.  But that's really hard for me.  My fake smile looks fake.

Some of my favorite gifts from Scot were before we were married.  He would give me gifts for no reason at all.  Little trinkets, like magnets with Bible verses that are on our fridge today.  Or books and music that spoke to my soul.     

Lately gift giving has been somewhat simply routine for the both of us.  A couple of times even foregoing gifts altogether.   So when Scot said he couldn't wait to give me my gift and that I would love it, I remained neutral not wanting to escalate my expectations.  Yet I wondered what he was so happy about because as I said our gift giving has become rather monotonous.  Since becoming parents all of our gift giving energy goes into D.

When I saw the pretty box I was pleasantly surprised.   Just the box alone made me smile. A real smile.

I silently wondering  where Scot got this idea.  He is pretty creative but how did he know where to buy this box?   I see them at Home Goods, TJ Maxx or Marshalls but Scot rarely visits these stores.  And if so he's definitely not there to buy decorative boxes.  And what's in it, I thought.  I knew it couldn't be a foot massager (thank you, Lord). 

"Open it, Mom!"  D said. 

                                                                       Inside the box --

There were two cards, one from D, one from Scot.  (One Mother's Day, Scot bought just one card with his and D's name signed to it.  Not good.  There needs to be a card from the husband and one from the child.)

A beautiful multicolored scarf, with subtle fringe on the edges.  I love scarves. 

A new book by  TD Jakes, Instinct.  I'd been talking about it and couldn't wait until it was available so I could buy it. 

An I-tunes gift card.  Yes!  (I had primed D a week ago to get me that for Mother's Day but I'm not sure he ever told Scot.)

Relevant Magazine.  I seldom buy magazines anymore.  They're too expensive, and I don't have time to read them.  This is a magazine worth buying,  and I've already read one article.

A box of Junior Mints.  (Something sweet and gluten free)

A box of Stash Lemon Ginger Tea.   I drink it all the time.  So much that D asked me the other day why I drink so much tea.

I could see why Scot was excited about giving me this gift.  He took the time to think about each item he put into the box.  He thought about what I liked.  What I would want.  What I would appreciate.  

He was right, I absolutely love this gift.  I could not have asked for anything better.  I'm not high maintenance.  I'm not into fine china or designer clothing.  Pedicures nor manicures.  A gift that shows he knows and understands me is usually all it takes.  (I'm pretty emotionally complex so that's where the challenge is...haha  )

Scot told me where he got the inspiration for this box.  Tune in to Part Two to find out.