Live With No Regrets

Close your eyes and think ahead to the end of your life.  What regrets will you have?

Would you spend more time with your family?

Start the business you've always wanted to start?   Or the orphanage in another country you never thought you could start? 

Would you go back to school?  Finish school?  Go on a mission trip?  Teach a Bible study class?

Or what about the book you knew you were supposed to write?  The singing gift  that you abandoned?

Would you treat your spouse better?  Would you put more effort in if you had it to do over again? 

Would you make more time for friends?  And get together just because. 

Or would you have spent more time with Jesus only recognizing that now because you're soon to see Him face to face?

Whatever it is, stop waiting. Stop waiting for the right time. Stop waiting until God gives you a husband. Stop thinking you're too old.  Too young.  Too this.  Too that.  Stop waiting for whatever you're waiting for.

Live with no regrets.