Life Without a Microwave

I use the microwave all the time.  Mostly for reheating food and hot tea.  But our microwave gave out two weeks ago right in the middle of warming a cup of tea. 

How can it be broken so soon?  It didn't seem that we'd had it that long.  Kind of bothered that it gave out, I thought do we really need one?   Maybe it's not such a necessity.  Later, walking through Walmart (yes, I just love me some Walmart),  I happened to walk past microwaves.   I passed right by feeling confident that I wouldn't be needing one again. 

The first week without the microwave, I did pretty well.  It was kind of fun doing things the old fashioned way, getting out pots to reheat food.  My parents didn't get a microwave until I was 15, maybe 16 so I definitely remember life without one.  It wasn't that they hadn't come out yet (I don't want to sound too old), they were just reluctant to buy a machine that should be in a Jetsons cartoon.  If you're too young to remember the Jetsons, see the video below.


A few times I forgot the microwave was broken.  Like when I went to meet a friend at Starbucks, I forgot that Scot would have to reheat Ds lunch (leftovers) on the stove!   Did he even know how?  I called to tell him, but he'd already done it.  "You heated it up on the stove?!" I asked.    I don't know how else I thought he did it.  (Wow, awesome husband.)

When I bought a turkey pot pie (Scot likes them, and I like that he likes them), I completely forgot we had no microwave until I got to the cash register.  The potpie was a quick dinner plan, and when I looked at the instructions on the box it said it would take over an hour to cook in the oven.  So much for quick. 

The first few days I heated my tea water in a pot.  I got rid of our tea kettle years ago because it had calcium build up.  I just read online that you can get rid of that with vinegar.  I had no idea.   I found a new one at Ross for $8.99.       

It wasn't until the last five days or so that I started really missing the microwave.  The newness of doing things the old fashioned way has now worn off.  I didn't realize how many more dishes there are to wash when there's no microwave.   When I heat up leftovers, it looks like I've cooked a Thanksgiving meal because there are so many dirty pots.

And with my tea, I seldom get around to drinking it right away so without a microwave I have to either 1) drink it cold  2) heat up the tea kettle again and pour a little hot water into my cold cup of tea to warm it a bit, or 3)  toss it and start over. 

Yesterday I bought a new microwave...yay!  It's nice having one again. 

Lisa Butwell