Day Camp & Organizing

Last week was day camp for D.  He said he didn't want to go, but he went last year and said the same thing before going, but would always have fun...this year was the same, he had a blast.  It was a long day--9:30-3:30, but we were late getting there each day, me vowing I'd be on time the following day but never was.  The closest I got was 9:40...ok, 9:45.  A psychologist might interpret this as me having a hard time letting go...hmmm I wonder if there's any truth to that? 

They had tons of fun activities.  There was water day.  A petting zoo day.  Pony rides.  A day when the police came by with their SWAT car.  Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of all those things because I wasn't there to take any.  (Too bad the camp didn't have an onsite photographer  to take and sell pictures to the parents. ..that's a great business idea for a photographer isn't it? To specialize in camp photography in the summer.)  I did catch a glimpse of the SWAT car riding in as I was dropping D off.

With all that free time my goal for the week was to get organized...especially with homeschool starting real soon.   But I can't say I got much organizing done.  I am organizationally challenged so it takes serious effort for me to get organized.  Part of that effort might include first reading articles on organizing, watching YouTube videos on organizing...all to give me ideas on how I need to organize my own situation.  (My favorite YouTube organizer is Alejandra.  Thanks to her I got some great ideas.) 

One thing I did last week was spend more time with Jesus and just have some time to breathe and process my thoughts.  How lovely that was.   I feel refreshed.

Pulling into the camp site, a police car was right behind me and I got nervous wondering if he was going to pull me over...was I supposed to make a left turn? Are my brake lights working?  It turned out it was one of the police officers coming to see the kids that day...whew.

Talk about timely...this article is just what I needed.  It's from the August issue of  In Touch.  It's a free publication that you can get in the mail or view online.