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UPDATE: Human Trafficking Workshop

Remember the human trafficking workshop I mentioned in my post, Painting for God's Girls?  It was held last month.

Pastor Paula and Sandra of Forgotten Children, Inc. did the workshop.  It was educational  but also training for volunteering for their organization.

I started reading a couple of good books on the subject prior to the workshop and much of what was shared I had been learning through the books and articles I found online.  Hearing the stories and what it's like to interact with the girls was the most informative.  Sandra coordinates the street ministry teams who go out on the street to pray with and minister to the girls.  And these are not the streets of Beverly Hills.

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Two recent Saturday mornings I had the privilege of working alongside a group of people painting at The Well.

The Well is a drop-in center for girls who are prostituted on the streets.  Pastor P calls them God's Girls.  She (Pastor P) is the founder of Forgotten Children, Inc., a non-profit organization committed to helping children and women caught in the cycle of human and sexual trafficking.

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