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Day Camp & Organizing
Last week was day camp for D.  He said he didn't want to go, but he went last year and said the same thing before going, but would always have fun...this year was the same, he had a blast.  It was a long day--9:30-3:30, but we were late getting there each day, me vowing I'd be on time the following day but never was.  The closest I got was 9:40...ok, 9:45.  A psychologist might interpret this as me having a hard time letting go...hmmm I wonder if there's any truth to that? 
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It was a beautiful navy blue box with white decorative trim, sitting on the ottoman waiting for me to open.  Not a jewelry box.  Much larger than that.  It was the type of boxes I see at stores and like to buy.  They're empty  but they are pretty, waiting to be filled with whatever you want to put in them.

Before his usual early morning routine--getting up early to go out and have a little QT (quiet time) with himself and God--Scot kissed me goodbye, wished me Happy Mother's Day, and said he couldn't wait to give me my present. 

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