What Are Your Spiritual Gifts?

My spiritual gifts are wisdom and discernment, and maybe teaching and the gift of knowledge. The first two are quite evident, the latter not as much because they don't fit within the norms.   I don't teach a class, and I don't have the ability to memorize Scripture like many with the gift of knowledge. I can paraphrase and sort of remember where to find verses in the Bible, but I'm not a word for word Scripture memorizer.   However, I have a strong ability to apply and relate Scripture to everyday life and love to help others in that way.

I'm telling you my spiritual gifts because our gifts are vital to other believers...vital to the church (as I spoke of in my previous post Are you Using Your Spiritual Gifts?). Yet I get the feeling many Christians think it prideful to speak of and know their spiritual gifts. Or maybe it's not pride, but there's something there that keeps Christians from understanding the value of their gifting.

What are your spiritual gifts?  How are you using them to build up God's people?


Lisa Butwell