Are You Using Your Spiritual Gifts?

Your spiritual gifts are vital to the edification of the Church but I wonder how many Christians are using their spiritual gifts to build up the Church and other believers? 

Using your spiritual gift(s) is not limited to a church building.  If you don't believe there's a place for you to use your spiritual gifts in your church, find another way.  

When I was a new believer, I didn't know what my gifts were but I discovered them.  I didn't know exactly how I could use them in the local church other than teach a Bible study or counsel and pray with other believers.  But our gifts can be used to build up other believers in so many out of the box ways.  We just have to think beyond the traditional way of doing things. Don't be boxed in to one way of thinking.

If you don't use your spiritual gifts you can easily become a complacent Christian.  God gave you spiritual gifts because you belong to him and you are an important part of his Church.  The Apostle Paul talks about the importance of each believer's gift(s) in 1Corinthians 12 and the importance of using them. 

If you don't know what your spiritual gifts are, find out.  Pray, ask God to show you.  And then ask him how he wants you to use them to help the Church, again keeping in mind that the church is not limited to a church building.  The Church is the people who believe in Christ.


Lisa Butwell