Hypocrisy Lives Within

It’s easy to recognize hypocrisy in others but hard to see in yourself.

I heard a speaker criticize another man…”he’s focused on material things, he doesn’t teach the Bible adequately.”

It's highly likely we are in some way guilty of what we accuse another, yet our lens is faced the wrong way.

We are not aware of our own hypocrisy.  How do you speak ill of another when you don’t recognize the log in your own eye?

David in the Old Testament…

When Nathan told him a story about a man who mistreated his servant, David became angry and wanted the man punished. 

It wasn’t until Nathan told him, “You are that man” that he realized his own sin. 

“Examine me, Lord, see if there is any wicked way in me” the Psalmist (David himself) says. His eyes now open to his own hypocrisy.

Show me, Lord, my own heart so I can walk blameless in You.  And that I may have compassion and love for my fellow sister and brother, spouse, children and friends.

How our criticism of others would decrease if we were aware of the hypocrisy that lives within.

Lisa Butwell