A No Drama Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is nearly over.  It's 10:24pm right now.  Man, it's been such a low key, easy going day.  No drama of any kind. 

A turkey purchased from Marie Callenders, already cooked.  (It took over two hours to reheat it. Still worth it though and I think that's how I'll do turkey from now on.  I might try Honey Baked Ham next time...they sell turkeys already cooked.  This year they sold out of roasted and only had smoked left, but I wasn't sure about smoked since I nor Scot have ever tried it.)  At Marie Callenders, you could order just the turkey or a whole turkey with all the trimmings.  I wanted to make my sides.  Mashed potatoes. Candied yams.  Stuffing.  Mac and cheese (my husband's favorite).  Green bean casserole.  Spinach (just needed an extra veggie).  Cranberry sauce (from the can, with the ridges).  Pumpkin pie (from Coco's).  Sweet potato pie (not homemade, Patti LaBelle's from Walmart, just because I happened to see it).  Brownies (because my son doesn't like Pumpkin pie or Sweet Potato pie even though he loves sweet potatos...Betty Crocker gluten free box mix...so good...topped with Cool Whip lite which is quite good even without anything else.  Me and D are typically dairy free but not today).

My mother-in-law was here plus us three. 

I listened to over an hour of Oslo Gospel Choir worship music from YouTube while I cooked.  Maybe that kept me stress free.  The kitchen was a mess and normally that would stress me knowing my mother-in-law was coming.  Not just her but anyone coming and seeing a messy kitchen would stress me, but I think I'm beyond that now.  I mean, yes, I tidied up but I wasn't going crazy doing it.  And the storage bins I have in the kitchen corner with all my left over jewelry inventory remained in the kitchen, along with stacks of mail I piled neatly in a corner on the counter.  Usually I'd be scrambling to toss everything into a closet or bedroom somewhere. 

My mind is clear.  There's no left over residue wondering if I did or said something I shouldn't have said, or nothing anyone else said that's lingering in my mind.  So nice. This is how it should be.

I'm thankful. 

I forgot to take pictures of the turkey or any of the food or us.

Lisa Butwell