Everything Doesn't Need To Be Corrected

My mother-in-law (D's Grandma) wears a hearing aid, but I don’t think she wears it much.

Taking her home from church the other day, she and D were in the back seat, Scot and I in the front. 

D was telling us about a friend he saw at church. 

Me: What's his name?

At the same time Grandma was asking him what he learned in his class (I don’t think she could hear that a conversation was already taking place).

D:  James.

Grandma:  Oh, James!  I really like that book…that’s a great book of the Bible.

Scot and I looked at each other, me wondering if I should tell her what D was talking about, then we silently chuckled.  D then switched to talk about what his Grandma was talking about…the Bible.

Everything doesn’t need to be corrected.

Lisa Butwell