Hi there!  I’m Lisa and I'm an Imperfect Christian Woman.  I'm also an Imperfect Christian Wife and Imperfect Christian Mom. 


Long ago, I used to think that one day I'd become a Perfect Christian Woman but learned that was never going to happen and was never meant to happen. I eventually learned to embrace my imperfect self.  (You can read the longer version of that story here.)


Embracing my imperfect self opened the door for me to step into my true purpose and calling as well as experience God's grace, fullness and freedom on a daily basis.    


An Imperfect Christian Woman accepts that she has flaws.  She's no longer hiding her true self and no longer pretending to be perfect to the church and to the world...the mask has been removed.

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                             MORE INTERESTING & ODD INFO ABOUT ME
                            (I'll add more to this list as I think of more to add)


  • I'm a serious late bloomer.  I got married in my mid 30's.  Went back to school to finish my degree at 40.  Became a mom through adoption at 45.  And I'm still blooming.
  • I met my husband volunteering at a weekly breakfast and Bible study for the homeless through our church.  He was leading it and we became instant friends. We started dating ten months later, broke up a year later...got back together after two years and got married.
  • Spiritual growth is my passion. 
  • I'm claustrophobic
  • In 1997 I went on a 3 week mission trip to the Middle East to Jordan, Israel and Egypt.
  • My dad was in the military so we moved around a lot growing up:  I was born in Germany. Then we moved to Oklahoma, then to New Jersey, then back to Germany for a couple of years.  Then off we moved to New York State, then to Northern California.  Sixth grade and 7th grade I was in Niagara Falls, NY.   Then off to Virginia as I started 8th grade.  Ninth grade I was in New Jersey, where my dad retired.  We moved one last time as I was entering 10th grade, to another town in New Jersey and another new high school.
  • Years ago, when I was single and couldn't make it home for Thanksgiving, my mom FedX'd me a home cooked Thanksgiving meal.  It was one of my most memorable Thanksgivings...ha!  (Although I didn't get the food until the day after Thanksgiving.  Don't worry, she froze the food before sending it and it was still partially frozen when I got it.)