Michael Jackson?

D loves dressing up like characters in movies or books.  One of his absolute favorites is the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.  That's who he was last Halloween (Scot was the Tin Man).  The above photo is D's own version of a Scarecrow (not the Wizard of Oz one)--a plaid shirt, a hat and a glove...I know it doesn't exactly look like a scarecrow but don't tell him that.  The only reason he has one glove is because he couldn't find the other one. 

I couldn't help but notice the Michael Jackson resemblance with the one glove and hat. I knew he was supposed to be a scarecrow but couldn't resist asking, "Who are you, Michael Jackson?" 

His response was priceless.

"Who's Michael Jackson?"

A Duck With Cat Allergies?

D and I often go to feed ducks in the morning at one of our favorite parks.  We even have a favorite duck--Greedy.   He's an odd looking duck, always the first duck to meet us, waddling up, quickly passing the other ducks and geese, beak opened wide wanting us to drop a piece of bread right into his mouth.  The last time we were there, Greedy wasn't himself, and  I noticed he had a little green color on some of his feathers.

"He has a little algae on him" I said to D.

It took us a while to find Greedy that morning, and when he did come up he was slower than usual.   After a few minutes he headed back to the water.  Then D did ran off to the playground announcing "Greedy is allergic to cats now."