An Eggcellent Easter Story

Normally at bedtime we read a devotional with D from God Loves Me: 365 Daily Devos for Boys.  Last night instead Scot told the story of Jesus' death and resurrection since it was Easter Eve.

But first Scot hid plastic eggs around the living room.  Each egg contained a strip of paper with a word or phrase written on them.  Each time D and I found an egg, we opened it to see what word we got.  After all eggs were found, Scot used each strip of paper to tell the story.  I thought it was such a creative way to tell the story and make it fun for D.

Happy Easter!  The death and resurrection of our Lord.



Day Camp & Organizing

Last week was day camp for D.  He said he didn't want to go, but he went last year and said the same thing before going, but would always have fun...this year was the same, he had a blast.  It was a long day--9:30-3:30, but we were late getting there each day, me vowing I'd be on time the following day but never was.  The closest I got was 9:40...ok, 9:45.  A psychologist might interpret this as me having a hard time letting go...hmmm I wonder if there's any truth to that? 

Michael Jackson?

D loves dressing up like characters in movies or books.  One of his absolute favorites is the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.  That's who he was last Halloween (Scot was the Tin Man).  The above photo is D's own version of a Scarecrow (not the Wizard of Oz one)--a plaid shirt, a hat and a glove...I know it doesn't exactly look like a scarecrow but don't tell him that.  The only reason he has one glove is because he couldn't find the other one. 

I couldn't help but notice the Michael Jackson resemblance with the one glove and hat. I knew he was supposed to be a scarecrow but couldn't resist asking, "Who are you, Michael Jackson?" 

His response was priceless.

"Who's Michael Jackson?"

A Duck With Cat Allergies?

D and I often go to feed ducks in the morning at one of our favorite parks.  We even have a favorite duck--Greedy.   He's an odd looking duck, always the first duck to meet us, waddling up, quickly passing the other ducks and geese, beak opened wide wanting us to drop a piece of bread right into his mouth.  The last time we were there, Greedy wasn't himself, and  I noticed he had a little green color on some of his feathers.

"He has a little algae on him" I said to D.

It took us a while to find Greedy that morning, and when he did come up he was slower than usual.   After a few minutes he headed back to the water.  Then D did ran off to the playground announcing "Greedy is allergic to cats now."

Out in the Wilderness

Yesterday we were out in the wilderness...Wilderness Park that is, only ten minutes away.  So we weren't actually out in the wilderness, but being there makes you feel that way, sort of, until you look in between the trees and see apartments and the beautiful ocean about a mile away.  Being there reminded me of the importance of enjoying the small things: Scot, feeding three week old ducks from his hands (to me that's not such a small thing), a mommy duck and her one week old ducklings, turtles in an algae filled pond, D crossing a creek on a log and running up and down hills, me amazed at a small patch of green grass in the midst of brown dry bark and me climbing and sitting on a log.  If everyday could be like this: relaxing, peaceful and fun. Thank you God for the small things in life (that really aren't so small).



It was a beautiful navy blue box with white decorative trim, sitting on the ottoman waiting for me to open.  Not a jewelry box.  Much larger than that.  It was the type of boxes I see at stores and like to buy.  They're empty  but they are pretty, waiting to be filled with whatever you want to put in them.

Before his usual early morning routine--getting up early to go out and have a little QT (quiet time) with himself and God--Scot kissed me goodbye, wished me Happy Mother's Day, and said he couldn't wait to give me my present.