I’m Lisa Malone Butwell, an imperfect Christian woman, a Spiritual Growth Enthusiast and founder of Imperfect Christian Woman, the company.

When I started my journey with Christ years ago, I dove into the Scriptures, found a local church, attended  Scripture and Leadership Training, and my intimate relationship with Jesus developed.

I was excited to know God’s purpose and plan for my life because I believed, as the Bible says, he does have a specific plan for each of us…unique to who we are and using our God-given gifts.

After getting married, finding a new church, and later experiencing a three year journey as a pastor's wife, God led me on a church sabbatical.


Because God wanted me to understand the difference between walking on Christ’s path and walking on what I call a church treadmill, doing lots of good things, but not the things nor the journey God specifically has for me.  

God taught me to embrace my imperfect self and escape what I call the Perfect Image Trap, thinking we're to be perfect and have it all together all the time.  For the first time, I began to experience God’s grace, abundance and freedom every single day. 

I didn’t want to get to the end of my life, look back and realize I’d been stuck on a religious treadmill instead of God’s specific purpose and calling for me.

Now I  teach other believers how to do the same--to get in alignment with God's purpose and calling for you.